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How businesses use FTAs

Post date: Jul 12, 2015

Free trade agreements are used by businesses, large and small, by exporters, importers and investors. Some FTA use by business is overt, such as accessing a preferential tariff rate in the FTA partner market.Other use is more subtle, such as the evaluation of risk in business decision-making. All FTAs are different and need to be looked at separately. But the ways in which businesses use them are common. We have drawn together the top ten ways FTAs are used by business. • Increasing... Read More

Fremantle Port for sale amid ‘perfect storm’

Post date: Mar 06, 2015

The premier dropped the bombshell news during Thursday’s state Budget, saying that in the face of ballooning net debt, a collection of state-owned assets would be privatised. Fremantle, which handles 700,000 TEUs each year, is the top asset on the list. “The decision to pursue a sensible program of further asset sales will enable the Government to build new infrastructure to support future growth without putting further pressure on the State’s finances,” Barnett explained. State... Read More

Liner trades to North & East Asia: No more but no less

Post date: Mar 06, 2015

The ACE consortium continues to employ the trade’s largest ships by container capacity and is about to see a marginal increase, with two 5762 teu sisters, OOCL Shanghai and OOCL Chicago, replacing... hosting information... Read More

Zim launches new service as it shifts focus

Post date: Mar 06, 2015

Zim has announced its second new service in a matter of weeks as it focuses on a different strategy from most of the other top 20 carriers. The Israeli line said it would be upgrading its... current utc time best places to visit... Read More